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Naing Group Capital,real estate in myanmar

About Us

In January 1999 the Executive Board of Directors was reformed to ensure that their roles and objectives maximized their talents and contributions to the company.

The Board of Directors recognized the need to constantly innovate and upgrade the skills of the employees to be up to date with the latest technologies. This ensured that all of the components of the Naing Group were managed in accordance with the rules and regulations of the construction industry to accentuate safety, quality, and profit. 

The company was started by its Chairperson, U Kyaw Naing Oo, who began as an independent contractor at the age of twenty in 1991. Learning family values from his mother and father, Haji U Win Naing and Hajima Daw Hla Hla Htway, U Kyaw Naing Oo has made them a central part of the company's mission. As a result of the Naing brothers' hard work, the business progressed rapidly. On March 2, 1996, they established a contracting company known as the Naing Group after the names of the principals and built the business into the conglomerate known today as the Naing Group of Companies. As a result of completing more than two hundred buildings in just over eleven years, they qualified as a Development Company in 2003.

As certified developers, the Naing Group has completed twenty-one condominiums projects in the Yangon area with a further fourteen currently under construction. Thanks to their reputation for quality workmanship and affordability they also have many other  projects planned, not only in Yangon but also all around Myanmar. All of their projects meet the strict international standards that are found throughout the ASEAN community.